The clinic and free consultations

I’m back in business from yet another Sesshin (days of intensive meditation) and the first course days of the 3 year long Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Core program. I’m filled with new insights and inspiration on how to be of even better service as a therapist! 

To celebrate this I offer free consultations over the phone or online for new patients who are considering starting psychotherapy. Go to my homepage (link in bio) —> Contact —> fill in your information in the form there and I will get back to you as soon as possible (or click the link here: 

When I started my business I was convinced that hardly anyone would like to come out to my physical little clinic. I was quickly proved wrong. I think that is both due to that nothing beats face-to-face interaction and the environment here, with lots of forest and water surrounding the space.

I wish you all a great week! 

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