It is what it is

We humans like to think about things in categories of good or bad, or right and wrong. To put things into categories so we can more easily understand and get some sort of control over things. If I think I know something, it becomes less threatening. If I think I master something, it becomes less threatening. But what is it really that is so threatening? Well, here is where we spring our own trap. If something is perceived as wrong and we happen to do just that thing, then we must be wrong – right? 

If we instead look at the world as an endless, boundless universe, there got to be innumerable ways of being and ways of doing. And what is perceived as wrong varies over time, over cultures, and circumstances. So what if instead of getting frozen next time something “wrong” happens, that you don’t like, look at it as yet another possibility? This is possible too, this is also my way of feeling, being, or doing. And could it be possible to be frozen and open at the same time? Could it be possible to be scared and curious at the same time? 

The irony when whatever arises is greeted with curiosity and openness is that it tends to just pass through. It doesn’t become this great inner struggle of how things are supposed to be versus what they are, because they already are. There is a lightness to it instead of heaviness, gloom and doom. We don’t become so personally invested. Then, of course, we cannot know this lightness without us having to know the darkness. The contrasts are what let us know that everything changes all the time, and you can only experience it here in this moment. 

Originally posted on the 21st of January 2023.

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