Camping is good for you 

We (my husband, daughter, and me) went camping with a friend and his son during the weekend. The friend caught me taking pictures of nature, and I said I never know when I need some photos for my Instagram. He jokingly said: write about that camping is good for you! Not if camping is good for you but that it is. I think most of us know this, to one degree or another, that spending time in nature to just be is indeed good for you. 

For me, camping is a way to let go of my schedule – to go to sleep when I’m tired and rise with the light. As with every night spent away from home, I also get a break from seeing all that needs to be done at home (cleaning, laundry, bills…). I come back home with renewed energy, although tired in another way, and with a new perspective. We need so little to feel good. A campfire, a view over a lake or forest, food (that always tastes better outside!), shelter, and some company (although solo camping is also very refreshing). I get in touch with this feeling that everything is ok. Back home, things so much easier become clouded with worries, never-ending improvement projects, and stuff that needs to get fixed. Are the worries even real? Do we really need to improve and fix things all the time? What are we really doing with our lives? Truly experiencing this moment, everything is ok. Nature supports this. Camping supports this. 

What is your experience with camping? Is it the same for you? 

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