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Clash of titans

Yesterday I was visiting a place which played a big role in my life for some years. My old workplace. I have been on maternity leave for quite some time, it is more than 1,5 years now and with this break from work, so many things have changed for me. I have gotten married, I […]


Snurr, snurr, snurr. Vad göra i snurret? Bara snurra. Än så länge brinner det inte.

Never forget

Last night I woke up at 3 am to what I thought was the sound of someone walking in our stairs. I looked over to my side and saw my husband Tim and babygirl Lily sleeping soundly at my side. Usually, Tim will stay up later than I do, so I thought it might have […]

A good day

It is easy to get swept away when you are having a ”good” day. At least for me. A ”good” day might mean: I’m efficient, I get stuff done, I eat well, I exercise well, I have a really nice conversation with someone, I do something creative… and the list goes on. Basically they are […]

Are we now?

Yesterday I was struggling a lot. I was spent, I had worked too hard during the day, both with my mind and body. I went to the kitchen around dinner time and felt so overwhelmed. It was up to me to make dinner, because who else would do it? There wasn’t any food on the […]

The art of walking

If you, like me, can get pretty overwhelmed with all the demands leading a life comes with, read this. You probably already know this, but a reminder surely doesn’t hurt. If you read my other post ”To live a meaningful life” it is easy to get excited and yeah, stressed, about needing to walk straight […]

I choose love

I choose to see the shadow in you as the shadow in me. I choose to see the light in me as the light in you. Let us realise that we walk this earth together as one, and our union is love.

To live a meaningful life

For some the quest of living a meaningful life occupies them all the time: what is a meaningful life? How do you know what is meaningful? How can something be meaningful for me and not for you and vice versa? I believe the art of living a meaningful life is to ask yourself the question […]

Just the right thing

As I sit down to write today I am yet again struck by how all the encounters in your life gives you just the right lesson. Since we cannot take in all sensory input at a given time, we are left with no choice but to let it be filtered. In that sense, we have […]

Läser in…

Något gick fel. Ladda om sidan och/eller försök igen.

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